Web Developer Certificate

Learn web development online and on-demand with personal facilitation to get the skills needed to succeed.

4-course program: $3,600

The Web Developer Certificate program covers web development basics including implementing web pages using HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, and responsive web design techniques. Through hands on, personally facilitated exercises students will practice web development of responsive and mobile friendly websites. Furthermore, students will go deeper into JavaScript topics and become proficient in manipulating the DOM, creating functions, handling events, and making AJAX requests to enhance their web development capabilities.

Upon completing the Web Developer certificate program, students will have skills that enable them to become an entry-level web developer or prepare for certification exams. Entry-level web developers earn healthy salaries (up to $54,000) and have incredible opportunities for higher salaries in their midcareer. Students will be able to leverage popular web development frameworks like Bootstrap, jQuery and Angular. The topics covered in this program help empower students to become knowledgeable website developers once they've completed the courses on-demand with personal facilitation.

Personally-facilitated and on-demand learning gives students the flexibility to plan their web development studies around their schedule. The Web Developer Certificate program includes videos, hands-on lab exercises and one-on-one facilitation enabling students to learn as their schedule allows. Web developer skills are sharpened via labs that are completed on a dedicated machine. If a student enrolled in the Web Developer Certificate program requests to use their own equipment, they may do so. Our commitment to helping create great web developers is exemplified through students’ personal web development instructor. Instructors ensure web development courses are completed on time and with a complete understanding of hands-on material and lectures related to the web developer skillset, providing personal facilitation until program completion. To learn more about on-demand training, please click here.

At Bright Star Institute we’re committed to helping student’s develop valuable IT skills. Whether it’s the Web Developer Certificate or another IT program, schedule a call with a Course Advisor at 302.335.8868 to match education with career goals, or you may request information here.

Program Overview

  • Understand the structure of HMTL5 documents
  • Working with tables, lists, images, hyperlinks and forms
  • Validating forms using HTML5 features
  • Creating animations using transitions, transforms and animations
  • Using CSS to format the appearance of an HTML5 document
  • Implementing the attribute selectors and pseudo-classes in CSS3
  • Using the Bootstrap grid system to create a page layout
  • Adding components to a page such as dropdowns, thumbnails, alerts and glyphicons
  • Writing clear, understandable, commented JavaScript code
  • Using the Document Object Model to access the HTML elements on the page dynamically
  • Debugging JavaScript code
  • Working with JSON objects
  • Understanding the benefits of using jQuery
  • Comprehending how jQuery simplifies the selection of DOM elements
  • Understanding different uses of the jQuery function
  • Using jQuery to interact with the fields of a form
  • Introduction to Responsive Web Design (RWD)
  • Using the Viewport and Media Queries
  • Using jQuery Mobile to build touch-friendly Web sites
  • Using TypeScript and ECMAScript 6 to create object oriented Angular classes
  • Using directives, components and templates to define Angular user interfaces
  • Building dynamic Angular SPAs (Single Page Apps) using routing
  • Developing applications that use both template-driven and reactive style forms
  • Creating Angular services that use both local client-side business logic as well as services that communicate with Internet based RESTful web services


Students who do not have any programming experience may elect to attend the Introduction to Programming Concepts course at no additional charge, before taking the final required PHP Programming course.

Required Courses Duration PDF
Website Development with HTML5, CSS and Bootstrap 35 hours
JavaScript Programming 35 hours
jQuery Programming 21 hours
PHP Programming 28 hours

Optional courses can be added to the base certificate track for an additional $900 each.

Optional Courses Duration PDF
Developing Web Applications Using Angular 35 hours
Node.js Application Development 28 hours
Developing Mobile Websites with Responsive Web Design and jQuery Mobile 35 hours
ASP.NET Web Forms Programming Using C# 35 hours

Getting Started

Feel free to call us to discuss your desired curriculum – one of our advisors will be happy to discuss your training objectives and confirm that your goals and selected courses align. Your advisor will assist you in customizing the appropriate track to your personal situation.

After enrollment and speaking to your advisor, payment can be made anytime prior to your chosen start date for your first course. For multi-course certificate programs, you may pay for each course as you start it (pay as you go). Financing is also available.

  • You will receive electronic copies of the student and lab guides.
  • Login credentials will be sent to you for the lecture portions and lab portions of class.
  • A personal facilitator will be assigned to you for each course, assisting with questions or lab issues that arise during your training.
  • You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of class.
  • There are no registration fees or cancellation fees.


About Our Online Training Platform

  • Courses are designed to be a combination of lecture and comprehensive problem solving lab exercises
  • You are provided login credentials to view the course on any device whether it be a phone, tablet or computer
  • You receive electronic copies of the student and lab guides for each course
  • Lab exercises are performed via a dedicated lab machine
  • An instructor is assigned to assist you in completing lab exercises and to help with any questions about the course content
  • Our support team provides you with course selection guidance, personal course setup assistance and technical support
  • There are no registration fees or cancellation fees
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