Advanced SQL Server Developer Certificate

Learn advanced SQL Server development online and on-demand with personal facilitation to get the skills needed to succeed.

5-course program: $4,500

The Advanced SQL Server Developer certificate program includes coverage of relational database fundamentals, SQL programming, Reporting Services (SSRS), Integration Services (SSIS), and Analysis Services (SSAS), as well as coverage of ASP.NET Web forms. Students will learn SQL syntax including complex queries, as well as creating and using stored procedures, functions, views and triggers. You will learn how to deploy and manage SSRS, create and customize reports including Table, Matrix, Parameterized and Linked reports. You’ll be introduced to the design and use of data warehouses and the use of Integration Services to import/export data. A thorough introduction to Analysis Services includes creation of data cubes to support business analytics, and syntax for extracting information including the use of MDX to develop multidimensional models. Administration topics include installing and configuring SQL Server, backing up and restoring databases, configuring security as well as monitoring and optimizing performance of a SQL Server. Students will also be introduced to creating dynamic Web sites with ASP.NET Web Forms and the .NET framework, including how to use ADO.NET to interact with databases by running SQL queries and executing stored procedures. Students may also optionally learn to use Microsoft's Power BI suite of products to import, analyze, and visualize business data, and to share business intelligence.

Upon completion of the Advanced SQL Server Developer certificate program, students will develop a robust and flexible knowledge base applicable to a variety of positions related to database programming, data reporting, data analysis, and database administration. In the Advanced SQL Developer program, students will also gain experience with integration between Microsoft SQL Server and the .NET framework, which will be valuable at firms which develop .NET-based software that interacts with a SQL database. Courses in the Advanced SQL program are delivered on-demand with personal facilitation, and upon completion of all required courses, students will have incredible opportunities to pursue a career utilizing their SQL skills.

Personally-facilitated and on-demand learning gives students the flexibility to learn advanced SQL developer skills at their own convenience. The Advanced SQL Server Developer certificate program combines videos, hands-on lab exercises and one-on-one facilitation to enable students to learn as their schedule allows. SQL Development skills are built and improved via lab work that is completed on a dedicated remote lab machine for the student. Our commitment to helping create successful Advanced SQL Server developers is made evident through each student's access to a personal SQL Server instructor. Instructors ensure student success by making sure students have full understanding of both the lecture content and the hands-on lab exercises throughout all courses in the program. Instructors provide personal facilitation until program completion, and they are a resource for students when they have questions or need assistance with lab work. To learn more about our on-demand training, please click here.

Advanced SQL Developer Career Opportunities

Students with solid SQL skills can expect to earn $44,000 - $64,000 in an entry level position. With normal skill progression and experience, students have the opportunity earn great mid-career salaries well into the six figures as they prove their expertise. By the time students complete their Advanced SQL Developer program, they will have gained an impressive skillset to pursue an entry level database reporting position, business intelligence position, or database administration position at companies which use Microsoft SQL Server. The skills and flexibility acquired from the program will also allow students to pursue a data analyst position or technical support position at companies which use SQL Server as the database for their software.

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Program Overview

  • Designing normalized table structures for relational databases
  • Creating databases and tables
  • Writing SQL queries
  • Understanding the main components of databases (stored procedures, functions, views triggers, constraints and indexes)
  • Installing multiple instances of SQL Server
  • Using the SQL Server client tools to manage and configure SQL Server 
  • Configuring security in SQL Server
  • Backing up and restoring databases
  • Monitoring events and data changes on a SQL Server
  • Monitoring and optimizing performance of a SQL Server
  • Implementing high availability technologies
  • Installing and configuring SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Creating multi-dimensional, two-dimensional, and tabular data sources and data sets
  • Creating and deploying reports
  • Securing reports and data sources
  • Configuring report interactivity, including drill-downs, report maps, and book marks
  • Using visualization objects to create Charts, Spark Lines, Data Bars, and Tree Maps
  • Adding mages, page headers and footers, and report metadata to reports
  • Understanding the architecture of SQL Server Integration Services and how to use it as an ETL utility
  • Understanding how to design and build data warehouses
  • Understanding the BI semantic Model
  • Understanding how SQL Server Analysis Services can be used to create cubes to support business analysis
  • Using Visual Studio to create C# applications
  • Creating ASP.NET Web Form applications
  • Using ADO.NET to interact with databases
  • Deploying an ASP.NET Web application


Students who do not have any programming experience may elect to attend the Introduction to Programming Concepts course at no additional charge.

Required Courses Duration PDF
Microsoft Transact-SQL Programming 35 hours
SQL Server 2017 Reporting Services 21 hours
SQL Server 2017 Business Intelligence: Integration Services and Analysis Services 35 hours
Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Administration 35 hours
ASP.NET Web Forms Programming Using C# 35 hours

Optional courses can be added to the base certificate track for an additional $900 each.

Optional Course Duration PDF
Analyzing and Presenting Data with Power BI 21 hours

The optional Power BI course has an optional extension that is available at no extra cost.

Optional Extension of Optional Course Duration PDF
Analyzing Data Using DAX and M Power Query 14 hours

Getting Started

Feel free to call us to discuss your desired curriculum – one of our advisors will be happy to discuss your training objectives and confirm that your goals and selected courses align. Your advisor will assist you in customizing the appropriate track to your personal situation.

After enrollment and speaking to your advisor, payment can be made anytime prior to your chosen start date for your first course. For multi-course certificate programs, you may pay for each course as you start it (pay as you go). Financing is also available.

  • You will receive electronic copies of the student and lab guides.
  • Login credentials will be sent to you for the lecture portions and lab portions of class.
  • A personal facilitator will be assigned to you for each course, assisting with questions or lab issues that arise during your training.
  • You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of class.
  • There are no registration fees or cancellation fees.


About Our Online Training Platform

  • Courses are designed to be a combination of lecture and comprehensive problem solving lab exercises
  • You are provided login credentials to view the course on any device whether it be a phone, tablet or computer
  • You receive electronic copies of the student and lab guides for each course
  • Lab exercises are performed via a dedicated lab machine
  • An instructor is assigned to assist you in completing lab exercises and to help with any questions about the course content
  • Our support team provides you with course selection guidance, personal course setup assistance and technical support
  • There are no registration fees or cancellation fees
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