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Java Developer
4-course program: $4,500

The Java Developer certificate program is meant for students who wish to enter the job marketplace as a proficient programmer or technical support specialist with a thorough understanding of the Java programming language. After covering fundamental programming concepts, students will not only learn the Java language and gain plentiful experience with coding Java projects and working with the Eclipse development environment, but they will also learn SQL database skills that are useful for software development positions and technical support positions alike. After completing this program, students who wish to further develop their Java skills may be interested in pursuing our Advanced Java track.

Java Advanced

Advanced Java Application Developer
3-course program: $4,200

The Advanced Java Application Developer certificate program is meant for students who wish to take their Java Programming skills to the next level. Students are already expected to have previous Java knowledge equivalent to the Java Developer certificate program, before taking the classes in the Advanced Java program. In the Advanced Java Developer program track, students will learn about and gain hands on experience with the robust Spring framework, leveraging it to make testing and maintenance of code easier. Spring REST and the building of RESTful services is also covered in class, as well as using Spring Boot to simplify dependency management and implement application "auto-configuration". Lastly, students will study the popular Test Driven Development (TDD) software development methodology within the context of Java application development.


Python Programmer
3-course program: $3,100

The Python Programmer certificate program is ideal for students who wish to enter the workforce as a capable programmer or technical support specialist within a shorter timeframe. Students will first learn about fundamental programming concepts that are universal to all programming languages, and will then dive into the Python programming language. Coverage of object-oriented programming concepts is included as well. Students will also learn SQL database skills that are useful in a variety of technical support and developer positions.

Customer Service

Customer Support & Relationship Management
1-course program: $1,400

The Customer Support & Relationship Management certificate program will expose students to many different concepts and skills to ensure that students have a well-rounded understanding of customer support and other aspects of business, so that effective problem solving and customer service can be provided in numerous types of job environments. In addition to covering "soft skills" such as critical thinking, time management, and general understanding of the sales process, during the program students will also spend a significant amount of course time learning about and working with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, to gain practical experience with real customer management software so that they will be more confident and productive when they need to use similar software in their future jobs. The program also includes 40 hours of field work, in which the student can observe and participate in real world support situations.

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